Why Posipricing ?

With Posipricing , your competitors will have no more secrets for you !
How can Posipricing help you today?

Gain market share on your competitors

By using Posipricing to adapt your pricing strategy, you gain market share and increase the profitability of your brand.

Improve your price image

Your consumers are sensitive to the price image of retailers. Posipricing allows you to visualize your competitors' pricing strategies. You can then adapt your positioning and improve your price image over your entire product range.

Increase the productivity of your teams

Save your teams time. Let Posipricing take care of the competitive intelligence of your brand or store so that your teams can focus on the essentials: your commercial performance! By freeing up time for teams to work on action plans and analysis rather than data processing, employees focus on the essentials: your commercial value, which is motivating and enjoyable for teams and a source of increased performance.

Control your margins

By visualizing the positioning of your competitors, you can adapt your prices to differentiate yourself. This will enable you to make operational decisions that will optimize your profitability.

Increase the attractiveness of your business events

View your competitors' promotional products and adjust your promotional strategy. Thanks to Posipricing, your business events are more powerful and attractive to consumers.

Better prepared for your suppliers negotiations

By visualizing your competitors’ product range and their price positioning, Posipricing facilitates the preparation of negotiations with your suppliers.

Adjust your range of products

With Posipricing you are informed of any stock shortages as well as the introduction of new products from your competitors.

Trust our 25 years of experience in the retail industry !